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About Us

If you are reading this you will probably have already considered converting to Academy Status and will have some idea as to what is required.

We won't therefore go into any lengthy details about how Academies came about - you can find a lot of good advice on the DfE's website especially the Supporting Documents page and Guidance Notes page.

Suffice it to say, Michael Gove wants schools to be "innovative and raise standards" - simple as that!



 J&G Marshall Ltd was created to help schools through the conversion process.

Jeff Marshall, has been Chair of Governors at a Primary School for over 21 years and has over 26 years experience in finance. Jeff has also been designated a Reviewer of Governing Bodies by the National College of Teaching and Leadership and a National Leader of Governance.

Ray Palin, our Head of Legal Services, is a lawyer with over 40 years experience, specialising in Land & Property Transfer.

James Marshall, Head of Marketing, speaks to schools on a daily basis answering queries and helping schools dismiss the many urban myths associated with academies.

Our SIMS/FMS team have either previously worked at CAPITA for many years or been an authorised support adviser for many years and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in database build, installation and data transfer.

Graham MacGruer, one of our Senior Project Managers, joined us from the DfE where he was responsible for checking conversion documentation and signing off over 350 conversions.

Through our professional contacts, we have built a team of experts in every required field -

  • Solicitors
  • Company Set Up Agents
  • Schools Support Services for SIMS/FMS
  • Accountancy

plus panel members for services you may wish to use pre and post conversion such as; a property company specialising in schools which offers surveys, risk assessments and building projects; as well as our own SIP proposition run by experienced SIP practitioners; plus many more.

With over 250 years experience in our respective fields, we can help your school convert with just one phone call.

  • We view conversions from a different angle to our competitors - yours.
  • We understand you will have been contacted by numerous companies each offering a conversion service probably at £25000 - the exact amount of the grant a school gets to help convert.
  • Our price of £12500plus VAT means you will have the other £12500 in your budget.

 Let us take care of the conversion whilst you concentrate on what you do best - educating children.




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