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FMS - is a paperless office still the vision of the future or is it achievable now?


It seems that the search for a paperless solution for finance officers has been a never ending one but with the ability to e-mail invoices, remittance slips and purchase orders whilst making payments through BACS it begs the question “just how much paper do we need?” FMS is ever changing and adapting to meet the demands of modern Schools but is the culture within our Schools that needs to change? With every academy conversion we are involved with we encourage Schools to look at new features of FMS and make the most out of the time saving areas and functions which already exist within FMS. These may be parts of the software that Schools have never been encouraged to use or even shown previously. Our commitment to your successful Academy conversion is always to leave you in a position to make the best possible use of FMS and all its features whilst keeping your accountants and auditors happy. Over the last three years we have seen FMS introduce the two stage period close feature, the ability to scan supporting documents into FMS such as invoices, enhanced restricted user access facility and the financial reporting suite (FRS) as well as the ability to e-mail PDF orders and the scanned signature feature. The software is adapting to meet our needs but are we making the most of these changes? This year we will see the introduction of extra reports, specifically ones aimed at SMT/Governors as well as links between FMS and the online Capita payments system Agora. The summer release of FMS now features a new Summary Trial Balance report which was asked for by our Academy Schools and offers far more detail in a layout which Schools prefer. Reporting on historical un-reconciled bank transactions and historical expenses analysis will now be available through FMS. The challenge of streamlining your Finance office isn’t one which can be taken lightly but we are at a time when this is actually possible with the tools we now have available. Our Top Time Saving Tips: Using the supplier review tab in FMS enables you to quickly and easily trace payment of invoices You can search for items on orders and invoices using a text search facility within FMS that will identify what orders/invoices contain the item you searched for Did you know that the list of ledger codes presented when raising an order can be shortened to only orderable expenses by applying a short code in the expense ledger code definition to only those which are orderable?

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