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The School Food Plan

The plan was prepared by the founders of the Leon restaurant chain Henry Dimbleby and John Vincent.

It includes a range of measures to drive-up school food standards and divert the £1bn it says parents spend on packed lunches back into the system. All the evidence suggests that if children have a healthy school meal they’ll do better in the classroom and that’s something which is in everyone’s long-term interest.  Only one per cent of packed lunches meet the nutritional standards that currently apply to school food. The authors of the plan claim that the majority of children bring packed lunches to school as parents mistakenly believe that it is the healthiest option.

The take up of school food currently averages at about 48 per cent across the UK and is continuing to grow. However, to be financially viable the service needs to be at least 50-55 per cent otherwise it will need to be subsidised by either school budgets or local council funding. Increasing take up requires commitment from the head teachers, governing bodies and school leadership teams. Food needs to be cooked that is nutritious, appetising and attractive to the pupils. It needs to be served and eaten in dining halls that have a calm and welcoming environment.

If you can empathise with some of the issues mentioned above and would like help and advice on the whole issue of providing healthy school meals, contact Gordon Carson FIH FCSI, Director, Carson Catering Ltd on 01606 891081 / 07738 153183 or visit






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